Certified makers

Ever since 2002, the Idrija žlikrof is registered as a national Traditional Specialty Guaranteed, while it also obtained the European guarantee in 2010. This means that it is made in traditional ways, following traditional recipes. The Society for the promotion and preservation of Idrija dishes holds this certificate to manage and oversee the procedures of maintaining the certificate with the help of the Idrija-Cerkno Development Agency.

The Idrija žlikrof can only be produced by makers who follow provisions in the study of the guaranteed traditional specialty for the Idrija žlikrof and the provisions of the European decision to register this dish on the European level. All certified makers are under internal and external control in order to maintain the quality of Idrija žlikrof as well as the correct method of production.

Organizer: ZVEZA DRUŠTEV MC IDRIJA, Ulica IX. korpusa 17, 5280 Idrija, Slovenia

+386 51 231 049 (MC Idrija)  |  +386 31 675 950 (Tomaž)  |  +386 41 970 567 (Tilen)

info@mcidrija.si  |  info@idrijski-zlikrofi.si