The Idrija žlikrof

The Idrija žlikrof is the first Slovenian product registered by the European Union as a Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG), protecting its recipe and its traditional preparation as well as its name from any fabrication, abuse, imitation and other misleading practices.

Idrijski žlikrofi

Since January 2010, žlikrof is registered as a Traditional Specialty Guaranteed with the EU. This national pasta dish with a specific shape consists of dough filled with special potato-based filling. The main culinary specialty of the Idrija-Cerkno region is, however, far from easy to make as it requires nine carefully defined stages of preparation.

Sixty years ago, Karel Bezeg, an explorer of Idrija traditions, wrote down the advice that perhaps best describes the love of this excellent nutritious delicacy, which once gave joy to generations of Idrija miners: »One žlikrof is in your mouth, another on the fork in front of your nose and the third in your line of sight as the next target!«

Fun fact: Between 2016 and 2015, certified makers, joined in the Society for the promotion and preservation of Idrija dishes, produced over 600 tons of žlikrof.


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