Loading the card

  1. Specify the amount of funds you want to load on your prepaid card.
  2. During the event, you can load funds onto your card at any time at 6 loading stations.
  3. An activation fee of € 2.00 will be charged the first time you load your card.
  4. When you first load the card, the minimum amount is € 5.00.
  5. Caution money in the amount of € 2.00 per glass will be charged on your card when you first collect your glass. The glass can be exchanged for a clean one at any time at the drink stalls. The caution money will be refunded, when the glass is returned to the loading station. The caution money is refundable only if the receipt for the caution money is presented at the station. Caution money is refundable until 11 pm on 24 August 2024. After this date and time, the money is no longer refundable.
  6. Each time you load the card, a receipt for the transaction will be provided.


  1. The credit on your card is used to pay for all services at the event, except for services and goods provided at the market and trampoline.
  2. With each purchase, a receipt together with the confirmation of the transaction and the available balance on your card will be provided.
  3. Please check your invoice after purchase, we cannot accept any subsequent claims.
  4. In case of an error (invalid card, low balance, etc.), payment by card is not possible.

Checking your balance

  1. You can check your balance at any time at the loading and payment stations and at the info point. The info point stand is clearly marked and located near the loading stations.

Withdrawing funds

  1. You can withdraw funds at any time during the event.
  2. The card balance can be withdrawn until the end of the event, which is 11 pm on 24 August 2024. After this date and time, the funds on the card will expire.
  3. Once you have withdrawn your balance, you can keep your prepaid card, as it offers you more benefits and, if the system is successfully implemented, it will also be usable at the next edition of the Idrija Žlikrof Festival without activation costs.

General information

  1. You are responsible for all transactions made with your card. If you allow another person to use your card, it is considered that you have authorised the transaction.
  2. In the event of theft, damage or loss of the card, you are solely responsible.
  3. The card is not a credit card and no interest will be charged on the card balance.
  4. The card is not intended for resale.
  5. If the system detects an attempt by you or a third party to alter the card details, we have the right to revoke your card.